Doing The Right Thing

We have all heard the statement, do the right thing even if nobody is listening. Liz Cheney is no hero rather a person who found a bit of self-respect somewhere along the line. The far right bitch and complain about participation trophies -that is what she is going on here.

To fight against Donald Trump and his far-fetched theories on an election that was stolen is the right thing to do. However it is the expected thing to do.

Oh man some would struggle finding a $20 bill on the ground however most would return The bill if they could find the owner. It is not the right thing to do, it is the expected thing to do.

Who knows how this will play out in the vacuous state known as Wyoming. The voters may abandon her and you know what, the system is set up to support doing the right thing. She can just march into the sunset, collect a pension and live with herself.

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