Good Old Days

People are always talking about the good all days. I understand that to a certain degree as there are many nice memories and we made it through the good all days to make it to the good old today’s. Still the good old days were not always so good as I would like to think we are currently getting a lot better.

OK are you sitting at your desk laughing hysterically get a grip on yourself as it’s OK to laugh.

This may be hard to believe, but for many people they will look back on this week, this current day, next week and wax nostalgic as if those were the good all days. So there is a point in there a little bit and it is implied enjoy what you’re doing right here and now. There is no such thing as the good old days they’re just good old memories. And of course we are OK with that. Memories that have nothing to do with the state of the world rather than your state of the world. Anytime your mind Was free from trouble and distraction.

Or you may remember the glimmer of hope or little good things you had during difficult times in your life. Your memory works that way. Your mind remembers those little glimmers of hope and dreams for tomorrow.

And that is what you were doing right now in your current state. Somewhat predictably, the world became a more difficult place to endure but through that you became a better person who is able To turn out some good in the world.

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