The Cliche That is Monday

We have heard it before, the old I got a case of the Mondays. It is so cliché and part of what we do every single week that is what capitalism has done to our psyche. We have a practiced dislike for certain days of the week and admiration for other days of the week. Hell there’s entire marketing campaigns and company strategies thanking your lucky stars that it is Friday.

So here we sit on a Monday morning, the mind is groggy but then again at 6:30 yesterday morning the mind was groggy also with an option of falling back to sleep. So that is my boring case of having the Mondays.

I listen to my brother who wears like a badge of honor how he gets his errands done on his one day week end

and then back to work the following day. Some people are defined by their work. I hear others not liking Sundays because they know they’re back to work on Mondays. I don’t have a real problem with people hating work, actually I kind of enjoy the pragmatic way of doing things. We are program to work we’re program not to work. Hopefully we don’t live to work.

What’s with this love-hate relationship with Capitalism and work many have developed a relationship on the side. And that is a relationship with a sugar, coffee or something to get us through our Monday or any day of the week. Don’t get me wrong I love coffee but if we look at our lives we develop many habits and rituals based around the idea of capitalism and “produce produce produce”.

Personally, I like Thursdays it is an anybody remember the Boomtown rats. Have a great day

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