Amanda Redux

Amanda knew that she had to be back at work and it Lanae the day after tomorrow. However she knew that our work was not done here.damn it was frustrating communicating with her mom. And it appeared like things have not changed at all. At least she had found her mother, and she knew her father was out there somewhere. She went back to the neighborhood she was familiar with. She took a cab that made the labored trek from where she was staying. It was a scary trip across town however she loved having conversation with cabdrivers. The cabdrivers name was Ahmet. He said that she need not worry, back in his home country it was common to have relatives going missing. this did not comfort her much did calm her down to hear the stories. She traveled for a living and one things you love with cabdriver stories.

Donovan had stayed home today waiting for Amanda to arrive they had made arrangements for her to arrive around 330 in the afternoon. Despite the snow, she was right on time. The cabdriver crap you’re right in front of Donovan’s house and she gave a generous eight dollar tip on a $18 cab ride.

Amanda and William were old friends. It is God how people who have not seen each other in such a long time could fall back into their usual routine rather quickly. Amanda and Donovan have always been close, despite their differences in years, they both always ended up in the friend zone. Which was okay for Amanda and apparently it was okay for William. Amanda had lost touch with him when he was married for what seem like quite a short time, her life as a saleswoman was important to her

They both sat comfortably on Donovan couch and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. They both had other agendas and the agenda at hand.that is how life works.she needed a place to stay as suspected her dad was in the neighborhood. Then again she was always happy to reconnect with Donovan.

Donovan showed her exactly where the spare bedroom was located. There was no pretense that they would stay in the same room. they spent the prerequisite 10 minutes alone and then Met back together and the living room. Donovan walked to the window, Just to see how crazy the storm has become. Amanda asked him to sit down beside her.b

There was a clumsy silence between them, however that only lasted for a short time.Donovan got up on the couch, walk the refrigerator, and then brought back a large tumbler of scotch. this was music to Amanda’s here. She had very little contact with anybody since she came into town.
“Bill I am so happy to see you. “I know I have not been so much as a friend, during your marriage and by all means epic meltdown of a divorce. so it may appear that I am staying here tonight as a matter of convenience. ”

“Don’t worry about it Mandy, I know that life has been Psycho out of control for you. ”

“so we kind of know where your dad is, and you have contact with your mother but it’s a start. ”

“Yeah Donovan of course we know were my dad might be, but every time I’ve got close to him in my life he backs away and your for the most dramatic and protesting fashion ” Amanda yelled and the most dramatic of fashions as she pounded the pillows with the right-hand.

The snowstorm has wreaked havoc on my liver. It seems like everybody is drinking socializing fearing and not much else more.

“Mandy you have told me a lot about your dad and you haven’t said much about your mom. From what I remember she lives here in Portland and you have been in touch with her”

Amanda smiled broadly as her mother currently was easier to talk about.

“I still get lost in these neighborhoods in the north east, however my mother lives over in this area. She is in some subsidize housing over about the Hollywood District. Like I’ve alluded to see used to have a drinking problem. Seems over that now and seems well on her way to recovery. She seems to be incurred by life as she is started exercising, she is stop drinking, and she has that little pot business that she is trying to get in front of. I am not sure how that is going to help her get back into nursing. Which is a dependable source of income, but he seems real point in her life where why not just take a chance. ”

Donovan just sat there and listened intently. As per old time sake, he had her attention. It always like this and not listening to her, she was smart knew what she was doing and they were she was going she was so much younger than him and somehow so much smarter.

“Damn, this is such a small town, we sat and listened to a woman talk much like someone you describe. And true to script, shedid not drink and talk about making money and the fledging pot business. By any chance is your mom’s name Opal?”

Amanda did not even flinch. Nothing surprised her anymore. She was not surprised that her mom would hang out in the bar even know she was not drinking. She’d like to push envelope and she suspected her mom liked to test yourself by tempting her sobriety.

“It’s not likely, but I would not dismiss her being there. She always liked hanging with younger people asthat is what gave her new ideas and kept her young. ” Amanda put on her scarf, or her earmuffs as well as a coat or suited for Atlanta, than the current storm in Portland. Donovan gave her a have a parka that was hanging by the front door and they headed out into the elements. The snow had become crazy, it was snowing like something not seen in the Pacific Northwest. It it now become funning games, well not exactly, more like a far-fetched adventure game. It was more like us against this crazy storm.

As they were headed out the door, Amanda said, “now the tricky part, but find my dad. “

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