The Inter Weaving Solar System

It all gets tangled up, like random snowflakes bouncing off of each other at odd angles. It is just a brief interruption of the swirling dust sparkle jetstream. This storm became quite serious, it seemed to have everybody’s attention. Nobody was driving, however this town has a serious case of cabin fever. It seemed that everybody put on their boots and heavy jacket, and headed out to the closest bar. It became ritual.

Well not exactly the closest bar. Dean’s place was a hearty walk especially in these conditions. Seth and Donovan left their ski poles at home tonight. The walking was not easy however they found it enjoyable. The snow was relentless, and it got worse as they walked up the hill and entered Fremont Street.

The Moon and SixPence was packed once again tonight. The snowy days had turned into snowy nights. Nobody pretended that they were were going anywhere. Officer and Freestone agreed to meet Nina at the Moon and Sixpence. She called and canceled at the last minute as driving was far too difficult. Freestone and Buckley did not have enough evidence for a search warrant let alone an arrest. They were just gathering information.

They had just received this information that Unix had been spotted and was alive and well. They had no information as to where she was or if she was out of trouble. theyvhad gathered that she had been through a great ordeal. They got a long message from a girl named Nina. They really wanted to talk to her tonight, however she would not answer her cell phone. They assumed that her coworkers at Aboy plumbing had something to do with it. It was an obvious conclusion, however it was lazy police work. Two police officers hoped that either of them would walk into the bar tonight. Little did they know one of them was far out of the state of Oregon. Everybody seem to be content just to keep warm and stay out of the cold.

Much to their surprise Handel walked in bundled up in a gray sweatshirt with brown sleeves. Nobody seem to give a shit, everybody seemed more concerned with staying warm the weather and just keeping each other company. The two officers then spotted Seth sitting across the bar nursing a drink. Want to date such a thing like the usual gathering place. This was a day like yesterday and probably a day like tomorrow is going to be. Overall It only got worse.

Buckley and Freeston decided they needed someone on their side. They picked up there near empty drinks and headed over to the table where Seth sat sipping his beer. Tonight they were not in uniforms, they had got clearance from headquarters to go somewhat undercover. It also worked better because everybody was bundled up for the elements. Hey wanted to simply blend in.

Hey you too, if somebody was following me they would think I was in trouble with the law. ” Seth said as he signaled to the waitress that he wanted another

“Seems like during a snowstorm this part of town move from the bar up on the hill, down to this bar on a semi regular basis. ” one of the officer said to Seth, she hardly noticed which one. Despite the progress from last night, Seth had sunk into a state of semi-depression. It seemed like one day lead to the next. It was just one snow filled day after another. He didn’t pay attention to his work, and he seemed to be entangled and something bigger than himself. The world was moving without him and he was not moving despite the world moving around him. So he to be only going through the motions. The days to turn into one drink after another. And another day after another. They just marched on and he was kind of ready for the snow to be over. He knew now but it was time to put on his best face. He was concerned for his friend and he wanted to help. He had assumed, given last night, that is what they wanted to talk to him about.

And for once in his life he was right.

“Seth, that was a very enjoyable evening last night. Thanks for talking with us. I know that we had a bit to drink last night, however one of us took diligent notes, and the other of us paid attention to the nuance in the room. You’ll be pleased to know, we did get some information on your friend during the day today. ”

Buckley said this with what’s little reserve . Seth, his head was on fire. It was on fire, and spinning like an astroid that someone had landed on.

You two I am going to help you here, you see that guy sitting next to the bar all by himself. I know he looks out of place, however you need to talk to him. ”

“We already know that what you have on him?”

Seth sat still for a second, fidgeted with his napkin, and slowly started to answer. “Well not really him he seems harmless however it has that friend he works with in the plumbing store that really worries me I know it sounds unconventional but why don’t all three of us go over and talk to him. ”

Buckley responded quickly, “yeah kind of informally but just sit down to talk to him and see what’s going on in his head see if he tells us anything. ”

And that they did. The three of them walked over to Handel’s table and sat down without ceremony. They sat there for a while without saying a word.

“You too must have thought that I have done something terrible. ” Handel said without hesitation. Handle fidgeted in his seat making him look guiltier than was intended.

“We are pretty sure you had nothing to do with it. It would be logistically impossible. Unless there is something that you have not told us. Or you have a killer four-wheel-drive. Nobody is driving in this type of weather. ” Buckley said as he took a sip of his alcohol free bloody Mary.

“I do not even own a car. Let alone know how to drive. ” He said without hesitation.

“We are well aware of that.”

Seth did not have the same information that the police officers had. He was afraid for his friend. He also thought that handle had some connection to her disappearance.

“This town gets really small during a snowstorm. Smaller than it actually is. Handle I have seen you around and we have met informally. I look at you man-to-man. Where is your body, the guy you hang around with all the time. It has become common knowledge that he took her hostage by accident only a few days ago. I understand there exist odd circumstances.

All at once, handle appeared at ease. This being that he was not a suspect. He could understand how he could be,even though he had nothing to do with it and very little information what was going on. He just knew that his friend and UNIX had a rocky relationship. And that it’s putting it lightly.

“I am going to step outside and have a cigarette. I have no idea where Gregor is. I have not seen him for a few days. You know that from visiting the store. I honestly wish that I could help. So excuse me for second as I step outside and have a cigarette. ”

“Our work is done here. “Freestone said to Seth and surprisingly gave him a knowing fist bump. “Seth go out there and talk to him man-to-man. If you find out anything please let us know. He actually seems like a pretty decent young man. Just a little lost and confused.

Seth walked out onto the front sidewalk with handle. The wind was blowing very hard and it was snowing like crazy the air instantly made his nostrils tinkle. Handle offered him it’s cigarette and Seth review saying that he did not smoke cigarettes. He said the word cigarettes louder than the other words and in the sentence.

“Your sense of smell may be distorted from this bitter cold. Fuck the police. Here have a drag of this. “Handle said as he looked up at the streetlight.”

Seth was frustrated and grabbed the joint from handles and and took and a deep breath. The steam from express was larger-than-life and hung in the air for a good long time. The police car drove by them slowly and waved and silence.

“Seth my friend he is stupider than a doorknob. “Handle said flippantly. He stood there and rub his hands together for quite some time. We stared once again back at the streetlight amazed by how much snow filled the air.

“As far as I know, he is a loose cannon. He may have her someplace. I rather doubt it given these conditions. Have youseems so storm like this. It is starting to scare me it is starting to take on epic proportions. Please give me your phone number and I will contact you before I contact the police. You are a friend of hers. And I think you deserve to know. ”

Seth took it all in all in. He was also in all of what mother nature was doing to his fair city. Just a city in the wrong place at the right time and the sparkling jetstream.

“I kind of believe you, however if any thing you say is a lie I am going to cause you big trouble. I have nothing to lose here, And I have nothing to gain here. I like UNIX, and all I want is the truth. Nothing more nothing less. And I would like to know that she is safe. If you have that information just give it to me now. ”

“Set I told you, especially you, everything right now and did not fill in the blanks with things I do not know. I would like to get to the bottom of this as I know you would also.”

Set knew this was his cue to leave.

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