Cabot Rolls the Dice

Cabot got up this morning and did the unexpected. He was in search of new meaning and wanted to put order in to what had become chaos. And what better way to do that and a long hardsteamy Bikram yoga class. It was a way to settle his mind and body and is aching muscles. He walked over from his house, the snow was whirling twirling twisting and doing whatever it wanted to. It looked like he was having fun. It walked in the class, but rather the studio, took off his shoesand placed his mat in the hot steamy room somehow 104° felt perfect today. He threw the bag in the locker room and stripped down to his shorts. He grabbed his water bottle and went back and steamy room. He was 30 minutes early for class and he decided to lie on his back in the customary yoga resting position.

He stared at the ceiling for a good long time, and he started to fully relax. He relaxed so much that he caught himself falling off to sleep until he could not catch himself any farther. And there is slip for the next 25 minutes until the class started up. The 10 students in the room Took the standing position to begin their breathing exercises. It was at this time somebody realized that Cabot was out for the count. Nine women and one man and the instructor went through their rhythmic breathing exercises as Cabot lie still on the floor.

The teacher rhythmically said “Stay at it please stay in the room if you decide to sit out and exercise that’s okay just stay in the room I repeat stay in the room.”She repeated hold for six seconds 6..5..4..3..2..1 relax.could someone please check on him. ”

A young woman in black tights and a pink tank top walked over to him. She she lingered for a while as sweat dripped from her for head right directly onto his four head. And he did not flinch. His breathing is normal and she laughed a bit as he was dead asleep. She was not worried about him. She reached downand tapped him in the shoulder trying to wake the sleeping bear. Well he looks like a bear. He opened his eyes slowly and it was obvious he had no clue where he was that. And then he started to put two and two together.

yoga instructors have an uncanny way of knowing everybody’s name in the room. It is what they do. “Hey are you okay, seem like you want into a rather relaxed state. Would you like to join the rest of us for class.

Without skipping a beat, At stood up and immediately join the rest of the class and they’re breathing exercises. He did this, Like nothing ever happened. He actually completed the class and a Zen like state. He felt lumbar loose and certainly clear of mind.

Cabot left class in a state of euphoria. He felt clear of mind, and full of well-intention. He picked up his cell phone as the snow pelted him into submission. The spirit still will did falter. A dialed his wife cell phone number and he was surprised when she picked up immediately.

“Hi there sweetie, I just thought I would say hello. I just thought I would give my self the privilege of hearing your sweet voice. I miss you. ”

There was a long silence on the other end of the phone. A long silenced followed and it did not not bother Cabot how she responded. He wanted to get that off his chest.

Cabot was a slave to his coach and right now he was feeling on top of the world. It was times like this where he felt he could solve anything in front of them being world problems interpersonal problems and even sometimes it’s own health.

“Cabot that is very nice of you to call me and to be honest with you it is really nice to hear your voice. I don’t mind that you contacted me but I’d rather be left alone for now I have a lot of things to think about when you’re one of them. So for now have a nice day and by all means stay safe
out there.

Marco’s voice sounded distant and far away. It almost sounded like it was coming from another country. Then again the wind and snow whip at the hotel with Parker. Little did he know Marta simply right next door, But you bar would let her talk and talk and talk, without interrupting. And Marta certainly like to talk

Cabinet had already told pearl that she need not come in to work today. He was on uncharted territory, as he had no idea how many people would comment to the center actually didn’t expect any time in the center today. He had no illusions of saving the world, however today he probably had the opportunity to make it a more livable place. He had a warm building, the bills are all paid, and many people in need a warm shelter.

Jenelle had become impossible. But it turned to a price blowing snow. It was not that much below freezing which made were just an idea let’s nowThe conditions were bad, and despite the fact that he never drove, he decided to get his truck out of the driveway he may need it later in the day. He knew we was in a very good driver, he knew it wasn’t him drive very fast, And he also knew he couldn’t do much harm all he could do it slide into a snowbank. The still banks were now about waist deep in some places and shoulder deep and other places it was starting to look like Buffalo New York.

Cabot put his truck into reversed, let out the clutch, and slowly backed out of the driveway. The traction was rather good I have hardly any cars had driven on the road he just couldn’t go very fast. He watch the neighborhood kids sled down the sledding hill on 41st as he approached the blinking stoplight on for the P noticed Kendra getting off the bus with her beloved beagle. “Hey there strange one, are you heading over to work? Can I give your ride? ”

“Thanks Cabot I’m glad that you did that”She said as she pushed her Beagle into the backseat. Of course the beagle went crazy as she did in the car.

“I’m gonna mission here, this weather is plain nasty. I know there are people out on the street who refused going to a shelter. Let’s check under the bridge over by the bowling alley and see if there are any people braving the elements. ”

“I thought I’m on mission here, Kendra are you along for the ride. I just wanted to some good, and have some fun doing it. Instead of waiting for the homeless to come to us, let’s go get them see if we can help.”

“How were the Cabot, for an old man you have a thing for the venture. Well I didn’t mean old, someone who is older than me. ” she blushed as Cabot spun the wheels in the snow.

They parked the truck against the snowbank in the bowling alley parking lot. Well the truck came to a stop as it tapped the large snowbank snowbank. Cabot yelled a a few choice words, check the van, If there was a Dan he would not see it anyway. Kendra rush out of the car and followed Cabot, Down the slippery slope at lead down to the homeless camp. Kendra fell abruptly and landed with a thud. She sat dazed, For a few seconds and then stumbled to her feet.

They were rather surprised when they reach the bottom of the bank. What met them were various men and women, probably about a dozen in town gathered shivering around an
abundant fire.

“Hey little girl what are you doing here and your warm jacket and stylish boots. And you old manand your I don’t know what you call it, That is an ugly sweatshirt that one of us might wear.

The two of them were confused on what were their next steps. They hadn’t discuss this, and they were basically winging it.

Kendra gave a knowing glance and marched into the crowd with little hesitation.
A large African-American man wrapped in an oversize trailblazer sweatshirt said and a gravel filled voice.

Kendra pushed the question aside and barely gave recognition to the man’s rambling.

“what are you crazy people doing here. Well crazy in a good way, what’s going on here. Don’t you all want to get out of the crazy elements and “Kendra said and thought to herself that she had used the word crazy one too many times.

“Look here snooty little bitch, we are here looking for our friend. Be a little sensitive here. Craig vendor was a friend of ours and he is always here, with firewood, a friendly story and now it’s gone.he is here like clockwork and it has been two days and it’s just just disappeared.” The large black man said as he stood on top of a discarded barrel. He was not preaching to the choir or speaking to just speak. He had to look in the sky of true concern for his friend.

Cabot could decipher bullshit when he saw it. And right now this was not the case. This man was truly concerned about Craig Bender. The snow and wind picked up with added intensity. The winds on East side of town was relentless. It was no time to argue Cabot reasoned inside his mind. All he wanted to do was to get these people out of the elements and into a warm space.

“Look at you all, I see you have compassion for your friend.right now I would encourage all of you to get out of the elements. The storm is crazy and dangerous and we are offering you shelter just four blocks away.”

Hi my name is Rufus. Sorry to come across roughly.

Another man from the crowd shouted out, “Can you help us with Bender do you have any idea where he is”He yelled as he took a swig from a bottle he took out of his front right pocket.

Kendra interrupted, and took the high road. As if a highroad exist it on and underpass on the freeway.

“Right now it’s an order for me. Let’s get out from underneath this on your path and get into it someplace warm. Sorry That is an order

It took the touch of a woman, however the 10 man underneath the underpass followed her back to the center. It was a silent March, but you know what it worked. Maslow took over.

it took on a death march of epic proportion. Each step into the wind became a race against time. The storm was not messing around and there was no sign of letting up. Almost for work dramatic effect, there was thunder and lightning in the sky. The thunder shookThe earth. It seem like the earth shook from below even The thunder came from the sky. There was not a word from any of the man as they made their way to three blocks to what they hoped would be something better from where they had came. Given the ferocity of the storm, there was no guarantee that they would have survived the night in the elements. They marched slowly, then more slowly with steadfast resolution, To what they perceived as the promised land. They were men of the street, right now they want it to be men of this earth for one more day.


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