Building a Memory

Sometimes we all need some time alone and at other times that is the last thing we need. I believe it was Carl Sagan, during an interview with Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air, he roughly stated, in a world as beautiful as this it is hard to doubt the existence of a higher being. Conversely, it is a demon-haunted world where the laws of nature no longer apply. The ice caps break off and send polar bears artic surfing, storms without due notice wreak havoc on entire cities bringing them to their knees for days, weeks and even years on end. We eat animals like they are going out of style and in a way they are. A lone person with semi-automatic military weapons wipes out entire movie theatres of movie patrons because he cannot find a job. The warm weather is that much warmer, hurricanes that much stronger and the world still spins on the same axis the same distance from the sun as it did billions of years ago. The number billions do not even sound correct in this context. We used to argue whether human nature is good or bad. We all have our demons and we may choose how we decide to exercise them. However, there are certain sunbeams that reach this earth, and shine and sparkle just perfectly. It touches our sole. It ignites what is good in us as a human being. Yes sometimes in a world as beautiful as this, one can still refute the existence of a higher being. Sometimes these things just happen. These things happen and I hope that something so stunningly beautiful touches us all in one’s lifetime.

There are times a piece of music perfectly touches your senses. It does not have to be music as I can be a scene in a movie, an interaction with nature or simply falling in love. It is these near perfect brush strokes that make like full of hope and grandeur.

This is wedding rock. We renewed our vows here many years ago. So moments of brilliance usually are not as random as we think. There is arguably a spiritual component, yet there is is real life blood, sweat, compassion and tears that helped build this moment.

And that is how a memory is made. It is not as simple as we think. Enjoy


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