Cats and Dogs My – View of their View

We have two cats and two dogs. 

The Dogs

Cooper is an almost eleven year old black lab. He is a gentle loyal empathetic soul with an outsized love for carrots. Luna is a Jack Russel who has been to college and survived a near death experience. She is a rabble rousing trouble maker. Also she is pretty cute.

The Cats
Sinclair is down right crazy. She will get into a 10 minute fight with an eraser. She takes trips to outer space via boxes she finds on the floor. Bobo Bad Cat likes to sit in the front window pretending to be a lion. When you pick him up he stares at the ceiling.

What Cooper thinks of
Luna - She is a fun sidekick for a half hour. Chill out, bicycles are not a danger to us.
Bobo - he is my brother. Cool dude to hang out with. He is getting fat.
Sinclair - let me spell it for you, if I could write KRAZY.

We now head over to the Cat World

What Sinclair thinks of
Bobo - He ain’t heavy, actually he is, my brother. We are best friends forever.
Cooper - he makes a great pillow.
Luna - that son of a bitch gets on my nerves every time I get on her nerves.

Bobo thinks of

Sinclair -I am crazy about how crazy she is. When we run together, we sound like buffaloes
Luna - take this as a complement, for a dog, she is down right hilarious. May she one day catch her tail.
Cooper - she doesn’t think of him. He has always been there.

What Luna thinks of

Bobo - there’s a mail truck in the street, time to freak out.
Cooper - there’s a mail truck in the street, why aren’t you freaking out.
Sinclair - growls slightly -ignores the question.
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