Stuck in the snow

“Hi there I saw you walking down from Forest Park and it was quite qunexpected, you don’t expect someone to be walking around in this type of weather. I was worried that you needed some help of some type.” The young lady said to you next without even being prompted.

“Yeah I do believe I need some help, it has been rather difficult few days and I would like to tell you my story but right now I really need to use the telephone. If it’s okay with you would you mind if I make a phone call.” UNIX said that as she should stood shivering in snow sparkling frigid jet-stream,

The young lady on the front porch stood and marveled at the vision of UNIX as she was an angel. She watched as the light radiated from behind. There was something about The angelic woman on her doorstep that was not quite right. Or maybe the vision of her was just perfect for this given day. She stood and marveled at the vision of UNIX, and something deep inside her convinced her that UNIX could be trusted. Even though she was a stranger that just appeared at her front door. Her and her husband had moved to this location to get away from the vagabonds and beggars that were prevalent at their house on the Eastside. Well, that was mostly her husbands thinking. She liked the less fortunate and quirky people that populated the east side of Portland. She kind of missed that.

“Please trust me, can I please come in. I am very very cold. I just need to get my hands thought out and make a phone call. I will explain everything to you in short order. I did not venture out here on my own accord. If it was up to me I would be back at my house with a roaring fire, painting a picture of a warm Springs sunset. ” UNIX looked the woman directly in the eyes and she could sense that she trusted her. She knew she looked horrible.

Without a formal invitation, UNIX simply walked in the front door and made a beeline to the roaring fireplace in the overly large living room. It was a room that exuded warmth as well as wealth.

“Please relax and make yourself comfortable by the fire.” The pretty young woman said as she brought a gray wool blanket out to the visitor.

“Sorry my name is Nina I’m sorry I did not catch yours ”

Her visitor was already fast asleep by the roaring fire as the snow and wind whipped violently outside.

Nine I sat by the warm fire and watch the beautiful young lady on her sofa in a deep sleep. The smell of the warm fire held its presence in the room. It was the smell that comfort to her, however the stranger on her sofa exuded a smell of
Mystery, intrigue, danger and the
scary unknown. To to put it politely she smelled horrible. She smelled of dirt, Tara, dirt and the great unknown. She sat and listened as the girls slept fitfully, she slapped as if she was and a great deal of pain.

Nine I was not afraid of the girl, she trusted her and stinks and knew she would not harm her. She sensed that a girl on her couch had been through an ordeal. Her imagination one crazy as she watched as the angelic battered woman slept fitfully on our couch. On instinct she picked up the phone and called the police hoping to gather some information.

She dialed the phone as UNIX slept
Fidgeting on the sofa. As the phone rang she wondered to herself what exactly she had got her self into.

Nina knew better to leave well enough alone. Nine was a well intentioned woman, however she was not without fault. Her husband was out of town and she intended to put herself into a well intentioned stupor tonight. Despite this crazy weather, she had stock up quite well. Now that her visitor was quite asleep, she proceeded to the washroom and Took out a large marijuana cigarette from her purse. She wanted to be alone tonight and enjoy it. With trepidation for her visitor on the couch, she took a large inhale and held it in for what seemed like forever. She sat and listened to the quiet of the house with the backdrop of the fury of the storm that had strangled Portland. She then took a larger hit And held it in much longer. She then went straight to the shower. The shower stall was much larger than anybody in their right mind needed.

She let the steamy hot water wash over her body. She was glad to have female company despite the circumstances. It would be nice to have somebody to talk to. The last 20 seconds of the shower she turned the water back to freezing cold. She was stoned as hell, however she was feeling pretty good, actually relishing the night ahead.

She stepped out of the shower warmer than she was five minutes ago and somehow ready to meet the evening. She put on a pair of cotton white underwear and a white dress shirt that her husband never wore anymore. As she stumbled out of the shower she heard movement from the next room. In her haze she slipped into a pair of faded blue jeans. She calmly stumbled out of the shower and greeted her visitor who was apparently awake.

“Hey there I did not want to wake you. You fell asleep very suddenly and I thought I would let you rest. ” she was startled into a semi-coherent state. They state that she could recognize.

Sorry, I know that I am a mess. I really really need to use the telephone. However right now I just need to calm down. This room smells more pleasant than the other rooms in the house. And by all means all the rooms in your house are very warm and pleasant. It smells like you just got high in this room. Is that true?. ”

“I’m sorry I didn’t even catch your name ” Nina said as she partially tried to deflect the question.”

“He has guilty as charged. And you know what it felt really really good. ” she said as as she unbuckled her jeans and tucked her shirt and once again she tuckedher shirt into her jeans and snapped the buckle. ”

“I must look like a mess to you. I’m sorry you asked me a question. My name is UNIX. I know it’s an odd name and here I stand very odd circumstances and I really need your help.

Nina I walked over to the bathtub and let the warm water start to fill the tub. She sensed that her visitor needed a warm bath more than anything on the planet.

“I am going to take you up on your offer of a hot bath. Nothing could feel better right now. That may seem hyperbolic to you, however I will explain what I have been through and, you know what I already know I like you. There has not been many people whom I could trust recently but somehow I think you are one. Would you mind sharing what you just smoked?

Nina walked over to the candle sitting on the bathroom counter, and picked up a joint she left there the previous night. With limited reservation, she put the joint in UNIX’s mouth. You next took an extra long draw on what was presented in her mouth. She let it fill up her longs and then let it settle into her mind.

Without hesitation, UNIX quickly stripped of her clothing. She stood naked for a while, and still after all that she had been through she did not feel uncomfortable. Somehow she felt safe and at home. Nine I gave her a quick hug and told her that she would be there for her

Unix slowly put her left foot into the tub testing the temperature of the water. It was over hot and steamy and it felt inviting, almost perfect. Nina added bath crystals to the tub which made the water full of foam. It gave her a semblance of privacy, as Nina comfortably lingered next to the bathtub.

“Just sit back and enjoy the hot bath. You look like you could really use it. ”

Nina had called the police when Unix was sleeping. She only got to leave a message and they said they would call her back. She did not even give Unix’s name. She did not even know her name when she placed the call .

Even though it didn’t seem possible at the time, UNIX started to relax in the bathtub. It felt out of this world fantastic to sit and let the hot water permeate every part of her body. She let her mind go free, and thought about what she had been through the last few snowy and fearful days. She sat in the steamy water and started to sobbed un controllably.

Nina returned to the bathroom with a drink for herself and one for her house guest. “Here I mixed you a nice strong drink. You will probably be ready to sleep soon, but why don’t you tell me your story. I would love to hear it and you know what I like you. Maybe I can help you.”

UNIX took a large swig from the drink that Nina offered. She sat back in the warm water and just let her story flow. Very slowly at first. Nine at sensed that the water may be cooling, and let hot water flow into the tub. And UNIX’s story just flowed. It flowed without reservation or candor. Nina left her tell her story uninterrupted. Telling the story made UNIX very tired.

“Unix you have been through a tremendous ordeal.” Nina said to her as she put on a pair of borrowed pajamas.

“I never mentioned that it is probably smart that you stay here tonight. In this weather, we are not going anywhere. You know you have to take this story to the police.

“yes I realize this, however right now I really need some sleep. I am still freezing cold despite that wonderful warm bath “.

Nine I walk into the closet and brought out an extra comforter and took it over to the bed where Unix would be sleeping. When she returns of the bed she found that UNIX was already sleeping.

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