Hi I am sitting here working away and in the background I have on an eclectic batch of music from my favorite radio station. It is not hitting my intended mood for the day which is calm. In an attempt to install calm, I switched on the classical radio station and I have a nice piece of Mozart playing in the background. It certainly instills a bit of calm. The rolling pianos they are a source of familiarity, comfort and a bit of calm.

But what is calm, one can do yoga put on Classical music and still have their own inner turmoils. Who knows exactly what is calm. I had a friend at work who worked best in chaos and that was his calm. Others can put on the television and concentrate and that is their calm.

So what I’m saying, if you cannot create your own calm as tranquility is being in control of what you say and what you do and being completely comfortable with it. That sounds so simple and uncomplicated metaphor of life and of course it’s an oversimplification. However knowing your intentions every single day is a great step toward being calm.

I think the roar of the ocean might be the trump card. As we all go back to where we belong and where we came from. With that,

Said in my classical radio voice-have a great day.

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