Stress Tests

I recently had a heart attack. What an ugly sentence to write but I’m doing OK. So today I went into what is known as cardiac rehab. I was asked a bunch of questions and I answered all those questions and there were no areas of real concern. Yes vegans can have a heart attack. Yes people who have run their entire life can have a heart attack.

So it’s not exactly back to square one but they put me on the treadmill and asked me to walk for a mile. I looked out the windows and saw the same view I saw the night I had my heart attack. I walk for 1 mile and all of 19 minutes and everything checked out perfectly fine. Our body takes about seven weeks for almost anything to heal and now that I am older than 24 you can up that a little bit.

So at this point if there’s going to be problems they will show up. I have a whole career of running and walking a mile is humbling and I’m OK with it. It is literally one step at a time toward the ultimate goal Of getting back to running. It is not only getting back to running but doing it with the upmost confidence.

Have a great day

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