Learn Something New Everyday

I am in rehab. -cardiac rehab
I seriously learn something new everyday.even though By 6:30 (post work out) I am ready to call it a day.

We are what we eat And if that is basically true we are walking bags of flour.

Many people think we can exercise our way out of most health problems. Unfortunately, diet makes up about 75% of who we are, throwing in some genetics and then exercise.

Nutrition Tidbits

  1. Corn is not a vegetable
  2. Skip the Fruit Juice and eat fruit
  3. Steel cuts Oats -great
  4. Oatmeal – worthless
  5. Franz Whole grain bread is better than Dave’s Killer bread. They both are pretty good
  6. Triscuts are a true whole grain
  7. White flour -no nutritional value other than laying trail
  8. Napavine exit of 15 has not a single item of any nutritional value
  9. Peanuts butter is considered a legume.
  10. In all cases beans are good.
    11.11 the most nutritional bread is in the freezer section
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