Grew Up a Racist

As my thoughts go out to Pennsylvania.
And why I worry.
And why I trust our youth.

My Pictures Of You

In Berks County

Pennsylvania. And it is really bothering me.

Hopefully I learned from it. A famous man once said, Pennsylvania, a state with two big cities and Alabama in between.

I grew up a racist son of a bitch

Didn’t know any better.

What sticks to a young mind

What that sticks can be unstuck?

When we were little the men who picked up our trash, we were taught to fear them. They were black people coming into our alley. The putrid smell of trash lingered from the trash cans.

I felt like we were at war with a country called Puerto Rico. The parents blamed the spics for everything. Why didn’t they go back to their own country. Don’t go anywhere near the housing projects. They were not a safe place to be.

In our household the moon landing eclipsed the life and death that was Martin Luther…

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