Bear In The BathTub

A fuzzy wuzzy bear was born into
this house somewhat ignored.
Young girls have dolls and coloring
books and no need for a bear.
Even a fuzzy bear.

The bear didn’t care because for
the most part bears don’t
think about such things.
The life of a girl's stuffed bear.

Yet the bear became adored
as fluffy stuffed bears tend
to do.

Especially bears named Alex
carried around in a lair
meant for a bear
with tender loving care.

Sometimes by one ear
other times by the other.
The girl loved her bear.

Girls and bears don’t always
stay together as girls with
bears go off to big
city university.

Unbearable as it seems
the fluffy bear never made
it to college.
Forgotten fluffy bear spent
A cold winter on the
back porch

Forgotten enduring snow sleet
and freezing remains of
Alex used to be an indoor
Bear. And how he loved
The snow.

And then he was found
By Cooper the Bear.
Well not exactly a
Bear, rather a black
lab who looked like one.

Cooper played with
the bear
carried it everywhere
In his warm soft

And Cooper got older
and put away his
favorite boyhood toy,
The fluffy bear was seldom
seen but never quite

until Cooper got a little sister,
Luna the Jack Russel
terrier and we all know how they
can be.

Bred to chase badgers and
tear them to bloody pieces.
Yet Luna like those who came
before was gentle with
the fuzzy bear.

A cold grey winter day
I sat in a warm and
steaming bath.
In walks Luna
bear in her mouth.

She tells me this
bear needs a bath
after all these years.
Plop and this is how a
Bear ended up in
the bathtub

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