Accidental Masterpiece

We get a food delivery shipment every single Wednesday. It is not always there on Wednesday. The is a first world problem that can be filed under “Things Happen”. Last week our shipment was later than normal and I had to come up with a creative meal from a threadbare cabinet. It is an art form that I am not a stranger.

I believe I made a rapid fire bean chill made with a meat substitute. It wasn’t bad at all. The next evening the shipment arrived on our front porch. When I opened the package, I knew something was awry. The Food Delivery Service packs with a miracle ice that stays frozen for an eternity. When we opened the cardboard box, the ice packages were tepid bags of liquid.

It was pretty obvious, this weeks meals were at risk. I went through every thing and we had to say good bye. We bid happy compost bin to a mango, spinach, the ginger never had a chance, tomatoes and items I can’t recall.

The thing is, these were ingredients which were components of each of the three meals . So no recipes for the coming week had all of their ingredients. And then, life got all busy for the first time in twenty eight months . We could not cook these meals until a few days later.

We were living on the culinary precipice. I gathered the survivors of the Ill fated shipment on the counter, and started making up recipes in my head. And somewhere out of the blue, emerged a dish that was tremendous. Each bite was an adventure with competing spices, and vegetables that usually don’t get together often.

It had onions, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, peppers and a secret vegetable recruited from the refrigerator. The sauce was tomato powder, curry powder, garam masala, coconut milk, vegan yogurt, vegan butter, veggie broth and a tad of juice from the secret vegetable. The secret vegetable were little Serrano peppers scooped out of a pickle jar fermenting in the refrigerator.

It was absolutely tremendous. Each bite was an adventure with a little spicy, a tad sour, a hint of sweet with underlining creaminess.

We served it over various rices. they ship well.

Please follow me for more recipes I have a slim chance of recreating.

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