Curious Incident of The Cat in The Light

We are away for a few days spending time with relatives visiting from overseas. We all went to a wedding that never happened. That’s not what this story is about or maybe it’s a harbinger of what was to come next. We spent a few days in the rainforest of The Olympic Peninsula. It is a pretty spectacular place. as three day weekends go this checked all the boxes. We were tired and had driven 5 hours powered by lack of sleep and a pair of Taco Bell Bean and Cheese burritos (no cheese) extra onion, add tomato. That is how my wife orders it.

There is always a certain dread when you first walk into the house from a long weekend. There always seems to be some drama to unfold. There was a weekend, a summer back, where the cats decided to take a flight out the window using a window screen. Bobo and Sinclair probably still brag about this epic adventure.

We entered the house and my wife headed upstairs and me, I headed down stairs. I don’t know why we did this. I guess it is to look and confirm the cats survived their long week end at home. I walked in and immediately saw orange glass shattered across the floor.

“I think the cats broke one of those things you and Riley woke up really early to buy.”

“Yeah those?”

“I don’t have an Orange Glassybaby.”

“Can you grab a broom so we can clean this up?”

“I got it.” She replied and then added that she located Bobo the fatter and less crazy of out two cats. It was early in my investigation but the crazy cat was still unaccounted for. Yes she is the same cat that pioneered the screen door out the front window.

I got a tiny bit worried when Sinclair (LOCO) did not immediately greet us. She is usually the first to loudly MEW that she is really really hungry or some other colossal feline made for television drama. She was nowhere to be found. My wife walked down stairs and asked me if I had located Sinclair.
I said I had not and she responded that she was getting quite worried. I lied and told her that I was not worried.

The last time she went missing I found her in a bush afraid that a worm searching red breasted Robin was going to catch her. So of course I walked outside and looked in that bush, with an infantile probability of finding her there. I forgot we cut down that bush in the year between. Hopefully you can see where this story is going. Of course as if on queue it was a wild weather day in the Pacific Northwest. To drop in another poor use of foreshadowing, dark sky filled the western sky and a far off thunder rumbled through the foothills. It is rarity in the Pacific Northwest.

There was no sign of Sinclair and I hated to admit I was getting a bit worried. I had to do the usual fire drill of making sure she was not hidden in a closet, box, or locked bedroom. I checked each location. This is not a pleasant ask as if found in these locations she is going to be hungry, thirsty, dead or generally in a foul mouth mood.

My wife found her as I searched for the worst.

Either she was truly scared of an orange orb hurtling through space and crashing to the ground or Sinclair was just doing her thing, extending the drama hinting it could be worse the next time. I suspect she was admiring her work.
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