Click Bait

You know the click bait thing – Best what ever in each state. These are the best meals I have had in each state. Iowa and Alaska I have not been.

Alabama – slurpee
Alaska – onions
Arizona – Pizza Hut
Arkansas – Dots
California – Dim Sum in Burlingame
Colorado – original Beyond Beef
Connecticut – Corn on the Cob
Delaware – pops potato stuffing
Florida – Banana
Georgia – Vegan Mac and Cheese
Hawaii – Shave Ice
Idaho – Orida fries
Illinois – Udon Noodle Soup

Indiana – Corn Flakes
Iowa – mystery NonMeat
Kansas – Red Vines
Kentucky – PopCorn
Louisiana – Catfish
Maine – Blueberry pie
Maryland – Something with old bay
Massachusetts – chowder
Michigan – vegan sushi
Minnesota – Walleye
Mississippi -fried corn
Missouri – Almonds
Montana – Freeze pop

Nebraska – pretzels
Nevada – shepherds pie -vegan
New Hampshire – pot or pie
New Jersey – steamed clams
New Mexico – street tacos
New York – cauli wings
North Carolina – cake
North Dakota – pineapple upside down cake
Ohio – my aunts spaghetti
Oklahoma – boiled peanuts
Oregon -Ike’s Pizza
Pennsylvania – yogi hoagie

Rhode Island – Rueben (v)
South Carolina – grits
South Dakota -veggie burger
Tennessee – tootsie pop
Texas – Cracker Barrel
Utah – chilli
Vermont – whiskey sour
Virginia – brocolli at the Raven
Washington – Indian in Northgate
West Virginia – Power Bars
Wisconsin – asparagus
Wyoming -mushrooms cooked in grease

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