Please Stop Arguing

So I was walking down the streets of Avondale, Pa. It is a sleeping little mushroom town. You could tell it was picking season by the smell that hung in the air.  Whether I was jay walking or not is not really the question. I thought it was the issue at the time. The issue is we compromise on nothing in our society.

I stood there as the officer wrote me a citation, and asked if i could pay on the spot.  He said “I see no problem with that.” .

Well I said this crime I am ticketed for is a bit ridiculous. Let’s say we compromise. Why don’t I go to Library and pay the fines of 5 families who really can’t afford to pay their fine, or cant miss work to pay their fines.

He said it didn’t work like this.

He stood there writing out the ticket and did not even ask me my name.

He must have been profiling because in retrospect it was pretty dumb of me to commit that crime..

I fled the scene with the tags  I snipped from the pillows in the coffee shop. The tags read it illegal to do so, I thought as I sprinted to the Library, where I may have a picture of myself on one of the walls. I J-Walked across Main Street and would have gladly paid the fine. 
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