I walked along the trail today. It was a capricious Spring Day with occasional out-of-control showers and outbursts of magnificent sunlight. This was a rare day where the park was not crowded with people. Usually there  is somebody walking their dog, an occasional jogger or people on bicycle. But not today there was absolutely nobody in the park. It was enjoyable watching the ever-changing sky and letting the dogs enjoy their walk. Trillium lined either side of the trail and as I walked around a bend I approached a familiar park bench. On this park bench sat a pair crutches with no person attached to them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pair of crutches unattached, other than those hanging in my garage. And the concept of crutches usually infers that one can not actually walk. So someone or somebody had to walk away from spurned crutches.

I could leave this for another day.

Or make sense of it.

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