Memories or Lack There Of

We arrived at our hotel and my wife checked in at the front desk and I stood outside waiting with Cooper, our lab, and Luna the Jack Russel. A person walked up to me and asked to pet our dogs. I usually get this request from four year kids walking the neighborhood with their parents. 

She was different enough, friendly with a bit of sadness. She was unforgettable in a quirky sort of way. I wished her good night and she ventured onto the rain to smoke a cigarette.

Five minutes later, while walking through the lobby, we ran into the same person once again. This time, my wife was there as well. Our new stranger friend walked up to us and said.

“Do you know who I am?”

We did not respond but both of us were generally intrigued.

“I am Marilyn Bankson of youTube fame.”
When telling this story,one should probably use a fake name in case the memory comes anywhere near close to that being her real name. These chance encounters things happen fast. Did she make up that name. I remembered the first name differently but can’t remember what I thought it to be. The first name my wife heard.

Memory is A capricious critter. The memory is already fading an hour after the Incident.

So I thought I would take a few notes to compare against the story we tell tomorrow

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