Psycho Killer -Why I Can’t Type

Typing class in High School is one of those classes you never realize how important it is until you actually suck at it.
I sat in class and typed along with what the teacher gave us to type. Here type this ten times.

##Rex Quinfrey, a renowned scientist, created plans for an invisibility machine.

I can not remember the details, the typewriter or whether we broke out the white out.

There was a guy named Randy who sat next to me. His hair was a mess, he rarely typed and usually nodded off during class. The teacher would walk by and poke him with a ruler.

“Wake up Randall”

Talking about stirring up a hornets nest, I will allude to that later.

One day I was pitching during an after school baseball practice. I caught a line drive with my forehead and ended up in the hospital for awhile. I ended up missing three weeks of typing class and never fully recovered.

When I did return to class, Randy was no longer in his snoozing seat. I never saw him again.

Years later, I learned he was part of some bizarre drug related killing involving a carpet, a mine shaft and other sorted details.

Rex Quinfrey is still looking for his machine

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