Dog Owner Conversations

A conversation while somewhat reluctantly talking to another dog owner on a sparkling January afternoon. This while his two dogs and my two dogs sat listening. And they all behaved. It rained every day for the last month. Today the sun was an odd welcome visitor.

And nobody wore sunglasses. The characters are Me and Oliver. 

Me : Hey your dogs are quite handsome. Is that one there a border collie?

Oliver: Yup he is pure a breed.

Me: (Initially surprised as my dog observation was a somewhat lucky guess). I’ll bet she is smart.

Oliver: He sits and watches two hour movies.

Me: (thinking inside my head) I can’t even do that at times.

Me: I feel like a bad dog owner, we are not much into television.

Oliver: It is not really television, rather documentaries or history shows.

Me: wow that’s cool. Is Edger Sawtell a movie yet?

Oliver: He likes PBS.

Me: (As we both were walking away with our dogs. Cooper our black lab giving me the side eye) My wife and I watched network television yesterday. We watched ‘This Is Us’

Oliver: That is a good show.
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