I dreamed it was the End of the World

The other night I had one of those dreams that seemed to last all night. Everytime I went back to sleep I went back to the same dream. I dreamed we all knew the world was going to end in 24 hours. I remember various people in the dream, my wife appeared, old college room mates. It was all pretty vague. We just went through our day to day stuff with some urgency, however we kept thinking there is no way the world was going to end.

When the time came near we did not suspect anything different other than that time had passed and the time had drawn near. We were pretty sure it was all a hoax and suddenly my good friend from Williamsburg appeared.

The all knowing Ed Holler

And he said these words “There will be thunder, and there will be lightning in the sky.”

Reminded me of Gandolf or Merlin.


And suddenly it got warmer. And there was suddenly thunder and lightning.

I woke up quickly.

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