Despite catastrophic events

Yes, despite catastrophic events Real life ironically emerges. The storm is approaching epidemic proportions nothing in this area has ever seen before.And that is the new world order. Yes, Chaos out-of-control despite our every day attempt to control them.

Seth set down at the bar and took it for now your seat behind a drink and his cell phone went off immediately, and took him back to reality rather quickly. He had put the number in his phone and it was from a job that he applied to a few weeks back. He won her for a while, Who was actually working and he remembered it was a global world. His escape from his current nightmare that was his work, he was redefining himself and finding a job outside his comfort zone, outside of Company. It was a place you call home for a long time.

Seth took the call. It was a dream job in wanted, He sat there in a driving snowstorm, even though he was in the vacation mode

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