The Second Coming

Frank Zappa walked into a bar in a Pennsylvania steel town. Bethlehem is a gem of a town tucked in among Allentown and Easton. The bar was dark,smoky and smelled of two day old diesel. Not many people are going to believe this , as you could never guess who was sitting on the wobbly bar stool by the juke box. Frank could not believe his eyes because he thought this person was one of fables passed down and misconstrued through the ages.

There sat non other than Jesus Christ himself. Frank, being a superstar in his own right, was not star struck and was rather non plussed by the entire turn of events. What made him take notice, was that the Jesus person, looked very much like himself. He really did not expect Jesus to be the type who would smoke cigarettes, yet there he was puffing on a Camel and drinking a Shiner bock.

Frank greeted Jesus with a hand shake, that Jesus seemed to know.

“Could I bum a cigarette from you?”

“Here, you can keep the rest of the pack. That was my last cigarette.”

Frank thanked Jesus for the smokes and could not for the life of him think of anything logical to say.

Jesus turned to him and looked him directly in the eyes, “I just learned I have liver cancer, might be a good time to give up these things.”

Jesus threw two fives and and eleven Euros on the bar and walked right out the front door hoping to catch the next flight out.

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