Why Voting is Important

I do not like buying new glasses. Don’t get me wrong I like my glasses plenty. I can manage the world both near and far with them. I have always been spacious with glasses. With this new pair I was vigilant about keeping track of them. Last Saturday these glasses turned up missing.

It was a curious incident in the middle of the day. I had driven to the drug store and upon my return home they were gone. I called the drug store and they said they did have a pair of glasses. The clerk gave a less than confident description of the glasses and I said I would see if they were mine. Funny thing they were exactly like the clerk described and they were not mine.

You know the general routine, you retrace in your mind the last time you had the item you were looking for and when you realized they were gone. Believe me I looked in unlikely places including plants I had watered, sofa cushion I had not sat on and under and around the bed.

So the only real place they could be was between my front door, the car, the drug store back to the kitchen when I realized them gone.  The drug store was a real long shot. I don’t drive with my glasses. I did check the car many times over and managed to  retrieve a few lost coffee cups.

The one thing I did repeatedly was walk out my front door to the car because that was the most likely place they would be.

So today in a weird twist in serendipity, I walked out to the mailbox to deposit our ballots  in the mailbox. I dropped the ballots in the mailbox and immediately walked to a place I have been a few times in the last two day.s I walked to the place where the glasses most likely should be.

And there they were.

The snow had melted overnight.

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